first of all

Please keep in mind that this is a very small online store: @davilorium + @albabbgg + Grog the Frog. Grog doesn't work too much he only bosses us around, so be patient tysm 🖤

shipping and policy

📢All sales are final, we do not return the items we sell currently.

📢 We can NOT guarantee that orders will arrive on time for CHRISTMAS eve. (customs/festivities/Covid may delay more than usual the process. We cannot control this) Remember that after Black Friday/first days of December postal traffick is saturated.

📢 We deliver ONCE per week, every MONDAY, no matter which day you ordered, everything will be sent Mondays.

📢 Shipping estimate:

⭐SPAIN: 3days-1week/⭐EU: 1-4 weeks/

⭐OTHERS: 2-8 weeks.

📢 We are based in Spain and we ship trough Correos: (you can check their page if you have any doubts)

📢ORIGINALS have tracking shipping number.

📢All international parcels may be subjected to customs duties and taxes depending on your area.

The limits for duty-free packages are regulated by local customs authorities. Please check your local customs website for more information.

📢 If the estimate shipping time has passed and you haven't received your order, your order is damaged, or you placed a wrong address please contact us via mail ( or trough the website.